New Development

So after much thought, stress and discussion, I have come up with some complimentary content descriptors that match with my assigned content descriptors AND I have come up with ideas for the resources I need to make. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy. Having to come up with and design my own resources is very new to me as I’m used to finding them from other places and adapting them to suit my class. Also, it was very hard to come up with resource ideas that will be practical to make and use as it isn’t possible for me to make my own programs for students to use or to get year 2 students to use sophisticated programs such as excel (by the way I’ve chosen to do year 2).

Anyhow, I’ve decided that as my design and technology resources students will look at human necessities such as food and clothing and how they are designed and used, what their purposes are, and other critical examinations of the items. They will then develop their own food or clothing item that have practical uses to meet a human need or want. They will reflect on their process and design and other designs. So that’s just the brief outline of what I will include in my resource as a series of tasks and activities focusing on technology that has been develop to satisfy human needs and wants.

As for my digital technology resource, I am not as confident with my resource. It will be something along the lines of students data gathering and graphing using digital tools. I still have to do a bit more research though as I am not sure what program I can use that will suit year 2 students due to their limited knowledge of digital programs.

Well that’s all I feel like writing for now but I will keep you updated,


‘Nother Day ‘Nother Dollar 💵💲💰

… not really, just another day, another post. Well it has actually been around 9 months since I last ‘blogged’ and I’m finally back. A lot has progressed in the last 9 months and one of the most exciting things that has developed in that time is that I am now a fourth year uni student. Wooohoooo! It’s almost over!

However, it’s not all over yet and new courses call for new personal learning networks to be created to help me develop teaching resources that assist myself or another teacher, in teaching  specific content from the Australian Curriculum: Technology. So, throughout the next few weeks I will be sharing with you all my processes, ideas, methods, sources and what have you that will guide me in forming the resources I will develop. Hopefully, by using this platform I will get plenty of feedback from you all and also be able to provide you with some resources and helpful tips for retrieving resources or even designing your own. And as a little sweetener… I hope that after finishing this course (EDP4130 – Technology Curriculum and Pedagogy), I will be able to share with you the resources I have developed for you to freely use.

So at this stage of my process, I haven’t gained much ground as the thought processes and ideas are still mulling though my head. However, I will inform you on the background of what I have to work with. I have been assigned two content descriptors from the Australian Curriculum: Technology, one from design and technologies and one from the digital technologies. Both descriptors are in the year level of foundation year to year 2 and are as follows:

And that’s all for now. I will follow up throughout later weeks to show you all how I am progressing with the task and hopefully you will shoot me some comments with some suggestions or constructive criticisms which i can use throughout the development.
Til next time,
Hayley 😜

This is Goodbye

This has been the most demanding, time consuming course I have done so far in my 2 and a half years at uni but that’s not to say it was all time wasted. I learned plenty of things through this course, whether it was that ICTs need to be used more as an enhancement of learning tool rather than as a replacement tool or whether it was about all the new tools I was introduced to. I have already thought out and planned how I will use WordPress in my future class (hopefully I get older years).

It has been a very informative course but at the same time I feel a like some of my time was wasted in doing this course. You see… I’m a digital native – I grew up with ICTs, I own many different ICT devices (that I can use quite effectively), I get along with ICTs, and I already used and knew of the importance of using ICTs in teaching and learning. Throughout the learning paths, lectures, and tutorials, I found myself constantly saying ‘yes I knew that and that’ (not so much about the theories and frameworks) and i felt as though this course was designed more for the digital immigrant. That is a great thing though! For digital immigrants (those who don’t know much about ICTs and didn’t grow up with them) this course would be a real eye opener and very informative for there future teaching practices. However, for those people like me (who grew up with and know ICTs quite well) this course talked more about the things that we did know than we didn’t.

In saying all that, I’m quite happy it was a course that was on ‘stuff’ that I was interested in and keen to learn more about, otherwise I’d be teetering on the edge of the boredom cliff… about to fall off.

Thank you to all of those who constantly listened to me rant and rave and those of you who liked and commented on my posts. It was nice to see that posting on this blog was not time wasted.


Goodbye and good luck to all of those in the EDC3100 course.


Cheating the System

Earlier in the semester I posted (ahem… more like ranted) about how much I didn’t like having to write in my course forums to ensure I got top marks for the ‘learning journal’ section in my assignments. I’m happy to announce that for the second and third assignments, I only had to post in two or three of the forums and I still got full marks! WOOHOOO.

winningI really did not enjoy this part of the course. Posting on the forums was a daunting, time eating task and I am happy that I was able to escape the wrath of these pesky activities.

A happy,
Hayley 😎

Manipulating my students 😏

First blog post after a 3 week silence so I thought perhaps I should write about the experiences that I had with ICTs on prac within those three weeks. The school I went to was a K-12 private school where I was situated in a year 2 classroom. Considering it was a private school, I thought I would have excellent opportunities to implement ICTs into my lessons. I was wrong. The only ICT device that was used regularly in this classroom was an interactive whiteboard (IWB). There were 5 computers in the classroom, however they only seemed to be used as dust collectors. Also, there were 2 computer labs available in the school, but they had to be shared among all K-12 classes making them almost impossible to use.

Within my professional experience, I used a majority of these tools that were available and there was one tool I used everyday for almost everything and that was the IWB. I found that students really loved watching things be manipulated and what they loved even more was doing it themselves! It was a great tool for behaviour management and socio-constructivism as only students who were behaving could use the IWB and the students really seemed to learn from and listen to/look at what their peers were doing on the IWB.

Thanks to Tayla, I was able to use a website that contained an abundance of manipulative resources for many different concepts. The resource is from a site called Glencoe and can be used for things such as time, calendar, fractions, place value, measurement, shapes and much more! It is a fantastic resources to use and I recommend that you check it out.

That’s all,

Beautiful Moments

*Spoiler Alert*

I recently read posts from Michaela and Megan where they ask the question of “Has the act of capturing the moment replaced the moment itself?”

Upon pondering this question, I recalled watching the movieslowm ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ where Walter (Ben Stiller) goes on a journey to find a photographer slash adventurer Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn). When Walter finally catches up with him, Sean is in the Himalayas trying to get a photo of the ever elusive snow leopard that is nicknamed the ghost cat. The next bit taken from the script speaks for itself…

Walter Mitty: When are you going to take it?
Sean O’Connell: Sometimes I don’t. If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it.
Walter Mitty: Stay in it?
Sean O’Connell: Yeah. Right there. Right here.

via Sean O’Connell (Character) – Quotes.

Beautiful moments shouldn’t be ruined by a lens in front of your face. Beautiful moments should be good enough to remember without a picture.

It may be starting to look like I watch a lot of movies considering all of my posts recently, but I really don’t. Not with all these assignments due!!!
Well i better get back to them then… 😭

Hayley (who wishes there was an emoticon for ripping her eyeballs out).

My Wandering Mind

Originally, this blog was created as a place to share my reflections on learning in my EDC3100 ICT and Pedagogy course or anything really related to ICT. I recall at the commencement of the course, our course examiner set out three points on how to reflect on our learning in the course and things we have researched. The things I post about have completely branched away from reflecting and the whole the point of creating this blog. Doing blog posts each week was a task created so that students could expand on their knowledge and understanding from the EDC3100 course and ICTs but I don’t think my blog is doing that for anyone anymore. Oopps…

Writing these posts each week is something that I am marked on in this course but only in certain areas. In reality, I can write about anything I want to on this blog, and as long as I meet the certain requirements which are word count, links and etc. (but not content) I can get full marks for this assessment component. So yes, lately my posts have been about irrelevant things to my EDC3100 learning where I am moving towards talking about technology rather than ICTs. I AM writing about things that interest me and that I like to learn and write about and I will keep on writing about such things.

I can see that Michaela is starting to the same things in her blog posts where she is straying away from talking about ICTs and the EDC3100 course and instead talking about how much chocolate she eats and how stressed she gets (GO MICHAELA!). Considering this is a place to share our thoughts and feelings… Michaela and I are doing just fine 😉. (if you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you should! Her posts are extremely entertaining)

The ever transgressing,